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Below are the things you need to know about our Financial Well-Being Program .


  • Congratulations! We are so glad you are reading this material. Now, here is the main POINT. The financial well-being program is for you and we want you to join us for these reasons:

    Our mission is to empower low-income families and young adults with information, education and resources to acquire financial habits that equip them with financial skills and tools to achieve lifetime financial well-being.

    Financial well-being defined as a state of being wherein a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, can feel secure in their financial future, and is able to make choices that allow them to enjoy life.

    Love Focus Financial Well-Being Mentor Program was established in 2016 by Love Focus International Association, a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization located in Patterson, California.

    The mentoring idea came from a couple who are volunteer residents of Patterson. They recognized that many at-risk youth and their families did not fit the focus of other available services.

  • These racially, ethnically diverse youth live primarily in medium, low or very low-income households; 78% live in poverty. Most are single-parent homes or families where both parents are working outside the home, often at more than one job.

    Many are being raised by relative and non relative caregivers such as grandparents and foster parents.

    Young people who are 15 years of age and adults from medium, low or very low income families can be referred, referred by self, teachers, parents, counselors, probation officers, county mental health workers, physicians, child protective services, and other youth professionals as being at-risk of reaching full potential due to challenges at home, at school, or in their neighborhood.

    Many have no foundation to become financially responsible adults, have not been exposed to an exciting interactive skills building exploration of the concepts of money, or had a starting point upon which to build one’s path to financial well-being. 

    Let us boldly ask you to join or support this cause to assist young people with the financial management skill and tools that ensures their future well-being.

  • We Support research and evaluation to identify effective programs and practices. Encourage the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based programs and practices for individuals and organizations. We assist participants to learn how to apply the smart practical financial transaction knowledge and skills acquired in the mentoring program at various life stages, and for particular life events.

    Specific activities are designed to empower participants to take periodic stock of their financial situations. Seek information and ask questions before entering into financial transactions.

    Assist participants with the information and tools needed to manage debt, save to meet their financial goals, and plan for secure financial future.

    A united group is more powerful than a single person and together, a common purpose is achieved. That is what this initiative represents and we thank you for reading about it now.

    People come together in a common cause to pool their resources together so as to meet individual needs that could not be resolved by individual limited financial capacity.


To refer a youth who can benefit from our program, you can download referral form below.